WATCH: Trump Brings Back “Forbidden” Border Patrol Practice Obama Hated, Liberals Outraged

Liberals are outraged over video footage that has emerged out of Florida, where a team of U.S. Border Patrol agents was recorded performing a previously “forbidden” practice that former President Barack Obama hated, and we could not be more proud of President Donald Trump for bringing it back.

President Donald Trump (left), Border Patrol Agent (middle), Barack Obama (right) (Photo Credits:, YouTube/TLE TV/CNN)

It’s no secret that U.S. Border Patrol agents had their hands tied behind their backs for nearly eight years while former President Barack Obama was in office. Illegal immigration hit record highs, and the morale of our Border Patrol agents suffered greatly due to the devastating policies put in place by the Obama administration. Now that President Trump is giving the Border Patrol the power to do its job again, liberals are furious.

According to Fox News, a viral video that shows U.S. Border Patrol agents boarding a Greyhound bus in Florida and asking for proof of citizenship has sparked liberal outrage across social media. Many of the ignorant snowflakes felt that the rights of the bus passengers were violated and said that the Border Patrol agents had no right to ask bus passengers for I.D. They could not have been more wrong.

The incident reportedly took place on Friday, January 19, 2018, on a Greyhound bus in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The bus was stopped by a team of hard-working Border Patrol agents who boarded the bus and began asking passengers for proof of citizenship. Immediately, people on the bus began recording the incident as if they were witnessing some kind of human rights violation.

Quickly, people on the bus began reacting dramatically. One woman could be heard saying, “This is new,” while another woman responded, “This is the first time,” when asked if she had experienced an immigration checkpoint on a bus before. As the clip continues, another woman who did not have proof of citizenship was escorted off the bus by Border Patrol agents and detained, according to CBS News.

Millions of viewers on social media have since seen the video, and of course, many echoed the ignorant blithering of some of the bus passengers who felt their rights were being violated by this “new” practice. In reality, Border Patrol agents have been conducting immigration checkpoints on public transportation for decades. Because the practice was forbidden under the Obama administration, people recently assumed it was some new cruel tactic.

It’s so typical of liberals to run at the mouth without checking their facts first. Many who have seen the video claim that the Border Patrol agents violated the Fourth Amendment rights of passengers, which prohibits unreasonable search and seizure. If they had taken the time to research our laws, they would find that the Border Patrol is allowed to operate immigration checkpoints and conduct spot checks with probable cause within a 100-mile zone that runs along the border of the contiguous United States.

The entire state of Florida falls within the 100-zone in which the Border Patrol is permitted to conduct these immigration enforcement tactics. “It’s a traditional enforcement tactic,” Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, told Fox News. “It’s long known that smugglers often use public transportation like buses for their trade.”

She added, “Sometimes they are based on leads. Sometimes they conduct random checkpoints. It’s a deterrent. It’s like a speed trap, and it does result in the public being safer.” Vaughan also said that in past years, Greyhound and other transport services would typically work with the Border Patrol to help combat smugglers using coach service to move illegal immigrants across the country.

Vaughan noted that the Trump administration is credited with giving Border Patrol agents the go-ahead to resume conducting these practices. “This is something that the Obama administration shut down because they believed that it made people feel uncomfortable,” she said. “And, now, we’re seeing a return to this under the Trump administration. This is good law enforcement that is legitimate and effective. It’s a good way to catch smugglers and is a significant deterrent.”

Our Border Patrol agents could not be thanked enough for the tremendous job they are doing. The fact of the matter is that liberals shut down our immigration enforcement activities for years so that they could flood our country with illegals and increase their voting base to undermine our Democracy. Thank God, President Donald Trump is putting a stop to this and that we have Border Patrol agents who are willing to do this extremely difficult and dangerous job.

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