As expected, the Golden Globes was nothing but a 3-hour Trump bashing fest where the Hollywood elites lectured us on income inequality, gender inequality, and how “Powerful men” need to come to an end.

However, these Hollywood elites just got some VERY bad news from the ratings department – and we couldn’t be more pleased.

According to Variety Magazinethe Golden Globes were down a whopping 11% with their key demographic and 5% overall!!!

Here’s the report from Variety:

The 2018 Golden Globes were down in the Nielsen ratings compared to last year.

The Golden Globes, airing on NBC, drew a 5.0 rating in adults 18-49 and 19 million viewers. That is an approximate drop of approximately 11 percent in the demo and 5 percent in total viewers compared to 2017’s final numbers (5.6, 20 million). The 2016 Golden Globes finished out with a 5.5 and 18.7 million.

This is simply music to our ears, folks!

The more and more they bash Trump and lecture his supporters, the more likely we are to support him. Every time they act self-righteous, it plays right into the hands of President Trump.

As the Daily Caller points out, the movie industry has been reeling from a season of bombshell sexual assault charges against their most famous and powerful moguls and actors. The summer box office posted weaker returns than it has been in a decade. So all eyes were on the black-clad stars when they walked the red carpet on Sunday for the Golden Globes.

Are you happy to see the Golden Globes ratings tank? Comment below…

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