Rosie Screams ‘Sit In Hell Sarah Sanders,’ Press Secretary Slaps Her With A Nasty Surprise

Rosie O’Donnell is obsessed with White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and the hefty celebrity has become utterly unhinged when it comes to Sanders’ daily press briefings. O’Donnell’s latest tirade included screaming, “Sit in hell Sarah Sanders,” as Rosie reacted to information the press secretary delivered to the nation. Now, Rosie is looking like a big fool as Sanders slapped her with a nasty surprise.

Rosie O’Donnell (left), Sarah Huckabee Sanders (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrab, Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Rosie O’Donnell’s sick obsession, twisting everything White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says, is getting close to stalking. O’Donnell is supposed to be raising a few kids, yet she is on social media 24/7, and to say it’s totally unhealthy is an understatement.

You could make the case that Rosie is mentally unstable when it comes to all things having to do with President Donald Trump, and her new focus is Sarah Huckabee Sanders as the press secretary also ticks off leftist journalists in a way we have never seen. There is something about the truth that just freaks out the Trump-haters.

“Rosie O’Donnell claimed Sarah Huckabee Sanders will ‘sit in hell’ during a political Twitter rant, which all stemmed from a tweet by MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace. Wallace took to Twitter to weigh in on the White House’s morning press briefing,” Fox News reports.

The report goes on to explain that the MSNBC host tweeted, “It’s actually time for someone to sit SHS [Sarah Huckabee Sanders] down and say ‘yes, you have a tough job, yes, you are smoother than Spicer and more stable than Mooch, but if you ever use your taxpayer funded job again to denigrate the Intelligence of a reporter or a sitting US Senator, you’re fired.’”

Wow. Sarah is really making the fake news “journalists” go crazy. Then, there’s Rosie, who without having any knowledge of what incident Wallace was referring to, reacted immediately, tweeting, “and who on trumps team would ever consider doing that – she is doing exactly what he wants – and she will sit in hell – no doubt.”

That’s rich, Rosie O’Donnell judging who will “sit in hell.” Isn’t the Hollywood crowd too sophisticated to believe in God? Idiot O’Donnell claims Sanders will “sit in hell.” Don’t you just love the hypocrisy? Many Americans let Rosie know she’s a raving lunatic and, yes, one huge hypocrite.

The whole point of their rants has to do with what the press secretary said that caused them to damn her to hell.

“NBC’s Peter Alexander asked what Trump was doing to prevent future acts of gun violence. Sanders answered that the administration is trying to crack down on crime, and is charging more people with violent crimes, including gang members,” reports The Washington Examiner.

The exchange got ugly when the NBC reporter got argumentative. Basically, he was implying that President Trump doesn’t care about gun violence, attempting to bring up our Second Amendment rights and hoping to catch Sanders off guard. He then pulled the “immigration card,” saying, “Trump has blamed Democrats for immigration problems.”

Sarah Sanders slapped Rosie, Nicole Wallace, and the idiot NBC reporter the next day in her press briefing. Remember, the Democrats caved to the president and had to stop the government shutdown without making any progress on their “amnesty” plan for illegal aliens, and Sanders brought up the fact that the president was elected to “build the wall, not give amnesty to millions of illegals.”

The other hot-button topic for these leftists, especially Rosie, is the bogus “Trump-Russia” Robert Mueller investigation, which has proven to be completely an illegal witch hunt created by high-level officials in former President Barack Obama’s FBI and DOJ.

Sarah slammed all those stuck in fantasyland when it comes to the “real crimes” as she laid out why Mueller’s investigation is going nowhere, saying, “The [president] thinks there is a great cause for concern because five months of text messages have gone missing, particularly when the individuals involved have been shown to be completely biased against the president and involved in illegal behavior.”

As Mad World News previously reported, the press secretary went on to chastise all those, like Rosie, who are consumed with delusions that Mueller has “something” on Trump. “You people are completely obsessed with everything to do with collusion when it comes to the president. We hope you’ll direct some of that same obsession, energy, and fervor to some of the places where it looks like there could have been some really illegal behavior,” Sanders said.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders fights back with facts. She has the truth on her side, so there is no reason to tell people to “go sit in hell” or level disgusting attacks on their looks, something Rosie and her cohorts employ on a daily basis.

Sarah Sanders stands in the light, bringing the truth, while Rosie O’Donnell scurries in the darkness like all the swamp creatures. It looks like O’Donnell’s time is up, and those who have embraced the leftist lies will find themselves in a living hell, gnashing their teeth.

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