Muslims Call Mayor ‘Anti-Muslim’ For Banning Halal, He Shuts Them Up In 2 Brilliant Words

After a mayor banned halal, Muslims labeled him “Islamophobic” in an attempt to get him to cave on his decision. However, instead of submitting to political correctness, the clever mayor offered 2 brilliant words that immediately shut them up.

Europe continues to commit cultural suicide by admitting a ceaseless flood of mostly Muslim male migrants. When faced with legitimate examination and criticism of Islam’s fundamentals, Muslims and their liberal allies avoid meaningful debate at all costs, attacking their opponents with ad hominem name-calling and accusations of bigotry.

Disturbingly, many who’ve stood up against Islam’s war on Western values and freedoms fall silent when faced with the left’s incessant excoriation, beaten down by accusations of mythical “Islamophobia.” Fortunately, there are still a few bold patriots who not only refuse to back down amid the criticism, they’ve also learned to fight fire with fire.

After banning pork-free halal meals in schools, which were being offered to appease the demands of the Muslim minority, Beaucaire Mayor Julien Sanchez was immediately attacked by the Islamic community and their useful liberal idiots. The French official was soon labeled Islamophobic and “anti-Muslim” for refusing to force schools to change their entire menu to suit the Islamic compulsion for halal meals. Unfortunately for them, they picked the wrong infidel.

According to the Express, when 34-year-old Beaucaire Mayor Julien Sanchez heard that Muslims and liberals were accusing him of being “anti-Muslim” for rejecting their demands for halal school lunches, he cleverly turned their argument against them, alleging that they “are anti-Republican” in reference to their rejection of the Republic of France’s values and laws.

The young but incredibly brilliant mayor officially abolished his liberal predecessor’s submissive legislation, which required all schools to abstain from serving pork as well as offer meat that has been barbarically slaughtered in accordance with halal standards.

Mr Sanchez, told a local daily when announcing the new menu policy last month, said, “Pork-free substitution meals are anti-Republican.”

He said, “If you defend the values of the Republic and fight against communitarianism you’re branded an Islamophobe, which I am not. I’m not scared of anyone but I’m also not looking to stigmatise anyone. What’s wrong with pork? If it was a medical issue then I could understand, but the issue we’re dealing with here is religious, not medical… And religion has no place in schools.”

Expectedly, ignorant liberals continued to shill for the estimated 150 Muslim students whose families demanded halal, alleging that the decision would also affect Jewish students, the Daily Mail reports. However, they simply couldn’t argue his position that Muslims are being anti-Western, choosing to avoid his accusation altogether.

Marlene Schiappa told BFM TV the decision was “a typical example of someone brandishing secularism as an anti-Muslim political weapon, or anti-Jewish for that matter.”

The opposition leader in Beaucaire, Laure Cordelet, called it “an attack on the rights of children” which “stigmatises the Maghreb (north African) community and can in no way be justified in the name of secularism.”

Of course, Muslims are threatening to protest Mayor Julien Sanchez’s decision, demanding their minority rights, which their own religious law denies religious minorities. Still, Sanchez isn’t backing down and maintains that the Muslim minority want to live in France and have their foreign law too, which he will not recognize.

Thankfully, this mayor is standing strong against the tiny yet powerful Muslim minority’s attempt to impose Sharia law restrictions on the masses. It always begins the same — when Muslims are the minority, they whine about discrimination and demand their minority rights, but when they are the majority, there are no minority rights. Sharia law was not intended for only Muslims but for all mankind, as the Quran commands Muslims to establish it in every nation on earth.

Mayor Sanchez knows that although Muslims begin with small demands like halal meat, prayer breaks, or the right to wear the veil, these compulsions are just as required by Islamic law as more violent and oppressive ones. For example, Quran 33:59 commands men to order women to cover themselves, while 4:34 prescribes physical beatings for women who disobey their husbands. More disturbingly, 5:33 prescribes crucifixion for anyone insulting Islam and its tenents, while 9:29 commands Muslims to war with unbelievers until they have overthrown manmade law and established Sharia law.

Mayor Julien Sanchez is refusing to bow to political correctness and Sharia law in order to protect his people, culture, and freedoms. He is a beacon of hope in Europe as many countries are allowing the Muslim minority to slowly transform their nations into the same oppressed wastelands that their new guests claim to have fled.

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