Chelsea Clinton Denies She Has Ties To Church Of Satan

Chelsea Clinton, who is often seen wearing an inverted cross, has denied any ties to Satanism, after she tweeted a message to the Church of Satan on New Year. Clinton described Satanism as a “religion” that should be respected in an attempt to quash rumors of a connection with the Satanic organization on Tuesday. ...

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Jeff Sessions Is Bringing A Halt To Legalized Marijuana

The last few years have seen some interesting movement on the issue of marijuana. States like Colorado have officially made selling and using it legally, despite federal policy still classifying it otherwise. While other states have at least taken steps to lessen criminal penalties and allowed for the drug’s broader ...

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Breaking!! It Was John McCain All Along!

True Pundit has reported new evidence is available that implicates Sen. John McCain in colluding with the FBI and possibly the DNC to sabotage President Trump. From True Pundit: New evidence from court documents and intelligence sources combine to show the unthinkable: U.S. Senator John McCain colluded with the FBI ...

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