John Kerry Tells Palestinian Leaders to IGNORE President Trump – Says Trump Will Be FORCED from Office Next Year Jerusalem Post Reports

Elder Patriot – Just when you think the Dems can’t sink any lower they manage to surprise us again. John Kerry, who once disgracefully and untruthfully besmirched American G.I.’s serving in Viet Nam during congressional testimony, has now done the unthinkable. The Jerusalem Post has reported that Kerry has deliberately ...

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BREAKING: GAME ON! Sessions & Trump Launch MASSIVE Counter Offensive After 50,000 FBI Agents Text Messages “DISAPPEAR!”

The “deep state” is beginning to crumble with yet another damaging revelation to the tattered reputation of a once proud and principled investigative agency the FBI. The bombshell news that the agency somehow “lost” 5-months of text messengers between rogue agent Peter Strzok and his mistress Attorney Lisa Page is ...

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