“Big Shot” John Kerry Tells Palestinians To Resist Trump, President Has Brutal Response

“Big shot” Democrat John Kerry has been telling the Palestinians to “stay strong” and resist President Donald Trump. Now, the President has a brutal response to that idiotic idea, and you’re going to love it.

President Donald Trump (left), John Kerry (right) (Photo Credits: YouTube/James Hoft/RTS)

Many Americans often wonder when John Kerry will accept that he’s no longer a functioning member of our government and fade into obscurity. Unfortunately, Kerry doesn’t seem to grasp that concept and has been sending secret messages to Palestinian leaders, encouraging them to “not yield” to President Trump’s demands and to “hold on and be strong,” according to Daily Caller.

Kerry, who likes to think of himself as a war hero, is bordering on sedition with his covert communications. According to the Jerusalem Post, the former Secretary of State and presidential candidate has allegedly been hard at work to undermine the Trump administration’s efforts to bring Palestinian leaders to the peace table.

Kerry allegedly told the Palestinian leaders that he may run against Trump in 2020, noting that he’s “not much older” than Trump. While I seriously hope the Democrats are stupid enough to let Kerry run as their primary candidate, it seems Kerry’s negative attitude toward Trump has only fueled Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’s hateful rhetoric directed at Trump and his family.

President Trump had a very brutal message for Abbas during his visit to Davos. When asked if he had read about Abbas’s recent verbal attacks, the President issued a warning to the Palestinians to start cooperating with the U.S. or suffer some serious financial consequences.

“No, I didn’t really read his remarks personally. I think I’m probably better off not seeing them, but we’ve done a lot for them, and hopefully, they’re going to make peace for their people,” Trump responded. “You know what, it’s many years of killing people, it’s many years of killing each other. They have to be tired and disgusted of it,” he pointed out.

“Let’s see what happens. I think eventually, very sound minds, I hope sound minds are going to prevail,” Trump continued, adding that “it would be a great achievement.”

“I said it from day one. If we could make peace between Israel and the Palestinians, if we do that, I would consider that one of our truly great achievements, but the money is on the table,” Trump explained. “You know the money was never on the table, I tell you up front,” he continued.

“We give them tremendous amounts, hundreds of millions of dollars a year. That money is on the table because why should we do that as a country if they’re doing nothing for us and what we want to do for them has helped them?” Trump rhetorically asked. “We want to create peace and save lives and we’ll see what happens, we’ll see what happens. But the money is on the table,” he warned.

The President is right. The U.S. should not be giving millions of dollars to countries who aren’t proven allies. In my opinion, we should not be giving any money to other countries until our veterans are taken care of first. Why don’t we add our neglected public education system to the list of priorities that deserve funding before foreign countries or leaders get a check?

President Donald Trump’s efforts to put America first are nothing short of outstanding. At a time where the President faces daily attacks from the left, it’s crucial for us to continue supporting him. It’s just as important for us to call out liberal hacks like John Kerry who think that they are still relevant.

In a perfect world, Kerry would be tried and hanged for his attempts to undermine our current administration. I would settle for seeing John Kerry and his family relocated to Palestine, where he can enjoy the company of his death-loving buddies for the few years he has left on earth.

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