After Dems Take A Stand For Illegals, 2018 Election Polls Swing Wildly

The government shutdown was kicked off by Democrats holding the line for illegal immigrants.

Democrats thought it was worth it to leave millions of Americans in the lurch and close down public services to help non-citizens.

But there are even larger implications. Americans are seeing how Senate Democrats are unwilling to get along with President Trump. Their dishonesty, stubbornness, and selfishness are leading to hardship in our country.

Why? All because they don’t want to admit Trump is winning.

Unfortunately for them, it looks like they are going to regret forcing this federal shutdown. Come November, they might suffer big time in the polls.

From IJR:

Ever since President Donald Trump was inaugurated in January 2017, Democrats and Trump critics alike have spent a fair amount of time predicting a massive backswing in Congress come 2018…

But Fox News contributor Guy Benson has sensed a change in the wind:

CNN’s latest poll reflects the trend Benson noticed — Democratic leads are shrinking as Americans begin to see the impact of the GOP tax bill on the economy and their own wallets:

The new poll’s 49% Democrat to 44% Republican margin among registered voters is almost identical to Democrats’ standing in January of 2006, the last midterm election year in which they made significant gains in the House of Representatives.

We know how questionable polling is today. Polls for the 2016 election were wildly inaccurate, exposing the bias in the people who conducted them. So for these bias outlets to be projecting just a slump among Democrats is significant. Expect landslide wins for Republicans.

What this all means is that finally, people are noticing Trump’s successes. Over the last year, he’s made good on his promises. It’s only helped the U.S. economy. More Americans are pleasantly surprised by the tax cuts, which will help most of them. They are now beginning to question why liberals were so opposed to them.

This shutdown shows that Democrats care more about illegals than America. They care more about illegals than their own military. They care about illegals more than their own legal citizens.

Democrats have a lot of explaining to do. But my guess is, they will never own up to their crimes. They will cover up all the wrongs they’ve committed. And continue to demand you support them. It’s high time we sent them packing.

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